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HeKKSaGOn Mini-workshop on

Mathematical Approaches to Medical and Life Sciences

[4] 22/MAY/16

Saturday, June 4, 2016

venue: Kawai Hall, Kita-Aobayama Campus, Tohoku University   (Building H-33; see Campus map)


10:25-10:30   Opening
10:30-11:10  Izumi Takagi (ILAS, Tohoku University)
Receptor-ligand models may explain diversity of forms and shapes (abstract)
11:20-12:00  Sohei Tasaki (FRIS, Tohoku University)
Self-organization of microbial communities against environmental pH variation

lunch break

13:30-14:10  Kurumi Hiruko (Mathematical Institute, Tohoku University)
Remarks on how to plan intermittent androgen suppression therapy for prostate cancer: Mathematical analysis of model equations (abstract)
14:20-15:00  Takashi Nakazawa (Research Center for Pure and Applied Mathematics, Tohoku University)
Shape Optimization for Flow Stability Control and its Application toward Hemodialysis (abstract)

coffee break

15:20-16:10  Yoshitaka Kimura (Graduate School of Medicine, Tohoku University)
The possibility of New Blind source method for clinical devices
Keita Iida (CRIETO, Tohoku University Hospital)
Complex systems found in life systems (abstract)
16:20-17:00  Anna Marciniak-Czochra (Institute for Applied Mathematics, Heidelberg University)
Mathematical modelling of clonal selection in acute leukemias (abstract)
17:05-17:10   Closing

17:20-19:00  Party

CRIETO=Clinical Research, Innovation and Education Center,   FRIS=Frontier Research Institute for Interdisciplinary Sciences,   ILAS=Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences

科学研究費  挑戦的萌芽研究     「多成分退化型反応拡散系によるパターンの制御」
課題番号 40154744    研究代表者 高木 泉(東北大学教養教育院)

created on 6/may/16