Date & Venue

February 8-10, 2024

Kawai Hall, Graduate School of Science, Tohoku University

Invited speakers

Shin-Ichiro Ei (Hokkaido University) 

Kentaro Fujie (Tohoku University)

Hideo Ikeda (University of Toyama)

Shigeru Kondo (Osaka University)

Kousuke Kuto (Waseda University)

Masataka Kuwamura (Kobe University)

Ken-Ichi Nakamura (Meiji University)

Hirokazu Ninomiya (Meiji University)

Sohei Tasaki (Hokkaido University)

Frits Veerman (Leiden University)

Registration for participation

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Scientific Committee

Anna Marciniak-Czochra (Heidelberg University)

Yasumasa Nishiura (Hokkaido University)

Organizing Committee

Goro Akagi (Tohoku University)

Kanako Suzuki (Ibaraki University)

Izumi Takagi (Tohoku University)

It was in 1952 that Turing's pioneering paper "The Chemical Basis of Morphogenesis" was published. The paper had opened the door to a completely new area which has turned out to be very rich and fruitful. We have now a tremendous amount of accumulations of scientific and mathematical studies on pattern formation based on, motivated or inspired by, the idea of "Diffusion-Driven Instability".
The purpose of this symposium is that researchers who have been working on or are interested in pattern formation and reaction-diffusion systems get together so that we can share the cutting-edge knowledge to advance the research in this field.