[3] 31/MAR/15


Interdisciplinary Mathematics toward Smart Innovations

Mini-workshop on Models of Directional Movement and their Analysis

26 March -- 28 March, 2015


Venue: Kawai Hall, Tohoku University
            Aoba 6-3, Aramaki, Aoba, Sendai 980-8578     access

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26 March, 2015

10:50     Opening
11:00 -- 11:50     Xuefeng Wang 王 学鋒 (Tulane University)
Modeling chemotactic cell aggregation via spiky and transition layer steady states, a survey.   (abstract)

lunch break

13:30 -- 14:20   Akisato Kubo 久保 明達 (Fujita Health University)
Chaplain type of mathematical models and related topics   (abstract)

14:30 -- 15:20  Madoka Nakayama 中山 まどか (Sendai National College of Technology)
Effective direction of bacterial activity 1: Big difference between "high-resistance" and "insensitivity" of bacteria to environmental pH variation   (abstract)

coffee break

15:50 -- 16:40   Sohei Tasaki 田崎 創平 (Tohoku University)
Effective direction of bacterial activity 2: Spatio-temporal growth prediction of colonies self-organized by input-saturating positive feedback   (abstract)

17:00 -- 19:00     Welcome Party

27 March, 2015

10:00 -- 10:50   Xuefeng Wang 王 学鋒 (Tulane University)
Stability of spiky steady states of Keller-Segel's minimal chemotaxis model   (abstract)

11:10 -- 12:00   Tohru Tsujikawa 辻川 亨 (Miyazaki University)
Stationary and spatio-temporal patterns for a chemotaxis-growth model, a survey.   (abstract)

lunch break

14:00 -- 14:50   Kanako Suzuki 鈴木 香奈子 (Ibaraki University)
Turing instability and spatial patterns to reaction-diffusion equations modeling biological pattern formation   (abstract)

15:00 -- 15:50   Hiroki Hoshino 星野 弘喜 (Fujita Health University)
Traveling waves for a model of malignant tumor invasion and related topics   (abstract)

coffee break

16:20 -- 17:10    Izumi Takagi 高木 泉 (Tohoku University)
A remark on the influence of spatial heterogeneity upon the formation of cell aggregates   (abstract)

28 March, 2015

10:00 -- 10:50   Tohru Tsujikawa 辻川 亨 (Miyazaki University)
Bifurcation structure of steady states for a bistable equation with nonlocal constraint   (abstract)

11:10 -- 12:00   Tai-Chia Lin 林 太家 (National Taiwan University)
Solutions to Keller-Segel type systems with cross-diffusion terms   (abstract)

12:00   Closing

Organizing Committee: Akisato Kubo (Toyoake), Izumi Takagi (Sendai)

Supported by Tohoku University Focused Research Project"Interdisciplinary Mathematics towards Smart Innovations
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